Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Night Update

So anyways I was walkin around the late today & it was beautiful - like a postcard - big flakes falling - just lovely The roads today we wet, not anything else. As I said in the last post - unless it all changes over night - the race is a go I will be ther around 7-7:15am for early birds. It was, as I said, snowy in parts, not snowy in other parts... you know - it's winter. Decide for yourselves - because - be safe - I don't have far to go to get there Bring warmies Bring that change of clothes Bring good cheer - this is an elective thing - I'm not making you do it - I am not the boss of you. So - let's welcome this very short day with a run of good cheer & there will be chili for those who can make it! SLURP!


So - as far as I'm concerned - the race is on! We had ice last year & it was a go. I have yet to go up and look around but will be doing so after I take the banana bread out of the oven. My policy last year was if you get there, I will be there - so unless it gets way worse (knock wood) I will be there & come on out if you can. I hear the mains are fine & the sides are being plowed. And Northerners don't laugh - this is a lot for us to deal with! I have received forms from almost everyone on the list - Blogger is flaking out on me - but here's the who's who of number 5!! Full James G - early Belinda K - early Suzanne L Dennis S John E Edward D Doug C - early Dylan O Janet Green 1/2 Catherine M John B - early Andrea B - e Danna H Deon H Johanne J Jessica K Glenn G Lisa d Kim R Ben M Kelly S Colleen v Anne H - e Samantha D Scott S Shawn F Malinta T Jim T Gary P Jeralyn P Jessica I Drew K Stefan K Peter G - e Tina H Suzanne V - ???? 10 km Stephanie H Larry D Jan D Matt K The start finish is at the main entrance of Westwood Lake park - off Jinglepot road & Westwood road - turn left just after the pub & go up up up the hill. The aid station will have water & a sports drink, some chips, pancakes, chili, a few bars & chocolates, whatever cookies people bring to share & a blanket or 2. My phone number is on the back of you bib - so if you can bring a cell, then all the better. I will try to post again with more info about the course but I'm guessing it's snowy in patches, muddy in patches and could be icy, depending on the weather. Use caution!. It will be marked & should be easy to navigate. This is not a Boston Qualifier - so no need for speed out there! Ok - any questions?? Best to contact me directly at See you Solstice! Angela

Monday, November 25, 2013

Updated 12/11/13

Confirmed Registrants - December 11, 2013

1.Belinda Kissach
2.James Griffin
3. Dennis Straussfogel
4. Suzanne LeBlanc
5. Edward Dostaler
6. John Edwards
7. Doug Calder

1.John Browne
2.Catherine Macey
3. Samantha Dickinson
4. Colleen van der Heide
5.Kelly Schellenberg
6. Ben Marrs
7.Kim Rodger
8.Lisa deLusignan
9.Glenn Goodwin
10. Jessica Kirby
11. Deon Human
12. Danna Hadden
13. Johanne Jensen-LeBlanc
14. Anne Heyes 
15. Malinta Tait*
16. Jesse Tait*
17. Gary Pickering*
18. Jeralyn Pickering*
19.Scott Speakman
20. Shawn Fiddick
21.Andrea Biener

10 km-ish
1.Stephanie Human
2. Jan Del Mistro
3. Larry Del Mistro

#Awaiting payment

As you can see, the 1/2 is full!  The full still has some spots but the 1/2 is full.  If you are planning on running this - best to let me know as it is approaching pretty darn quick!

 This is the start/ finish line yesterday.  The course was mostly clear - with some areas of packed frost which COULD be slippy but weren't when I ran it.  The lake is frozen on the edges, making an after marathon dip a bit tricky.

All along the course there are kilometer markers.They are permanent and will only mock you as you progress because they mark the distance of 1 lap & well, ha! That's not you.  However they will become a friendly place marker along the way & give you ample time to work on your marathon math skills.
Westwood Lake is a public park and you will be running on a public, open trail.  This trail will be shared with walkers & other runners, dogs, & kids on bikes.  Please be courteous. Leave no garbage behind, make yourself known as you pass, don't startle that older woman out for her morning walk please & respect the beauty of our little lake.  Thank you.  
If you are planning on doing an early start, please let me know.  There is a 7:30 am option, & you are welcome to take it, BUT let me know coz if I don't have to be there at 7:30 am - then cool.  Also - a headlamp is advised for the first lap if you take the 7:30 start time.  Regular.start time 9 am.  Any other questions or concerns?? Email me -

Please remember canned goods & baked goods are welcome - we eat the baked goods & send the canned goods to the food bank.  They are starting to love us by the way (just saying) And I also seem to remember saying that there was a 20 person cap on the 1/2 & 10 on the full...... I know, I'm not strict BUT - if you want me to extend that cap - talk people into volunteering!!!!!! 
I need - 
People with cell phones willing to take a walk around the lake, just to make sure all is ok.
People who can stir chili & flip pancakes for a while.
People who can count.
All volunteer shifts are as long as you want - well, please, an hour @ least. I offer no t-shirts but you can have a cup of chili & some cookies & a heartfelt thank you in this very famous blog.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dazed & Confused

Somewhere in the wide wide world of web, my blog, this lil ol marathon has reach some international running cartel.  I have had interest from 4 Australians & 12 Kenyans.  I say - you all should come - BUT - please know these things about the Westwood Lake Winter Solstice Marathon -
1 - There is no marathon committee - well, there is, but it is a committee of me. And really, I seldom refer to myself as "the committee".
2 - There is no prize money.  Any proceeds & all canned goods go to the local food bank.
3 - There are home made medals & home made chili & local made swag & good cheer & donated baking.
4 - This is a small, serve yourself kinda event - one aid station which you pas over & over & over again - that's all.  
Really, did I say it is low key?
Please come, by all means, but if you are serious, then know this is a teeny little thing on a relatively small island in a relatively small town.
Kenyans? Really? Wow.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Registration IS open!!
Just print up the form below & mail it in to me!
We are excited you are coming!
And if you are 2 Kenyan runners currently in Malaysia, please, yes, come on over!
From Australia? Come on over!

link to the form!!

2013 Entry Form pdf

link to the form!!

Hope to see you all on the Sosltice!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Marathon Blues

Ok, well actually not me.  I had a swell fun Thanksgiving marathon - Victoria was BEAUTIFUL - there were maniacs & wild life - & James from CeeVacs was there & we hugged in Oak Bay (I know, how lucky am I?)  In fact it was a day that made me remember why I love running marathons - a glorious day.
So in honor of that - I thought I better oughta post the 2 entries I have received so far this year - hopefully I will keep up on it - & remember campers - it's never too early to sign up - ok - it is - but NOW it is not too early to sign up - so SIGN UP wouldcha already??

Friday, September 20, 2013

Entry form for 5th annual marathon

Holy smackle! I know I told you I'd have this by late summer but that didn't happen and now, ok let's say its still late summer coz people are asking. No one ever cared before November so I'm all choked up.

So here is the link to the paper entry:

Print this up. Fill this out. Send me $$ and entry and you're in. No refunds though. Don't get all stressy about caps and deadlines I'm pretty west coast when you get down to it. That means I won't be strict like. But be polite and don't be last minute.
I will post your name when I receive your entry.

All proceeds go to local food bank.
More info to come when it does. Thanks for your interest. 
Hey did I tell you I got an email from Australia? I know, right! Aussies running my little marathon. 
How cool is that?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Announcing the 5th annual Solstice Marathon


In the beginning of May, in the jungles of Nool
in the cool of the pool..............

5th Annual Westwood Lake Winter Solstice Marathon! (& 1/2 marathon)

Full - 2@ 6.1 km laps & 3 @10km out & backs around beautiful Westwood Lake, Nanaimo BC Canada
1/2 -  2@6.1km laps & 1 @ 10km out & back at the same location

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Early start time  7:30 am (headlamp recommended)

Regular start time 9:00 am

 20 person cap on 1/2 marathon, 10 person cap on full

Entry fee - $20 & some canned goods

Pre-registration will be required this year & will be open later this summer

#5!!! A Saturday!!! A volunteer race with all proceeds going to the local food bank!!!  Pancakes & Cocoa @ the finish!  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Well - that was a little disappointing -that so called world end,  but maybe that's for the better.  The world is still here, in all it's messy glory.  And hopefully we all run along.
And here at the Westwood Lake Solstice Marathon, we are happy to report we donated
$365.00 to Loaves & Fishes
along with several bags & boxes of food!

I am also happy to report that next year's event will happen.  And it will be on a Saturday!!  Other details to follow later in the year - but mark it on your calendar & know that it will be capped & kept small coz at this point it has to be. Saturday, December 21, 2013 - 5th year!! 9am - BE THERE!!
Have a wonderful 2013 - run, jump, dance, skate  - enjoy!