Thursday, December 29, 2011

More pictures!

Just got this link from Sheron Chrysler - some great pictures of a great day


Thursday, December 22, 2011

My so called times (in no particular order)

Congrats & thanks to all the runners! See you next year!

Marathon Distance

1 Sheila Dawe - early start 7:30 - time: 6:23
2 Richard Stewart - early start 7:30 - time: 6:23
3 Tracy Marshall - early start 7:30 - time: 418
4 Jenny Taylor - time: 4:24
5 Brad Goodman - 32km -time:3:07
6 Mike James
7 James Griffin - early start 7:30 - time:4:30
8 Mike Macey - early start 7:30 - time:4:05

1/2 Marathon Distance
1 Jenna Goodman
2 Deirdre Glaros - 2:37
3 Angellos Glaros - 2:17
4 Annie Gibson - 3:51
5 Darcie Nolan- 4:00
6 Damian Allen
7 David Vanderlinde - 1:52
8 Claire Sasso Sant - 2:30
9 Joshua Seal
10 Tracy McKeown - 2:20
11 Rachel Kimler - 2:14
12 Vivian Aarset - 2:46
13 Stacy Wallington - 1:51
14 Joe Schuckel - 2:23
15 Britta Ballendine - early start 7:30- 6k :48
16 Kelly Schellenberg - 2:14
17 Anne Heyes - early start 7:30 - 2:42
18 Julie Goodman - 2:08
19 Quentin Proud - 2:06
20 Gene Wray - 2:20
21 Cheryl Davies - 2:14
22 Lisa de Lusignan - 2:14
23 Garth Fuller - 6k - :36
24 Catherine Macey - 2:14
25 Sheron Chrysler - 2:14
26 Mylisa Edison  - 2:17
27 Susan Marshall - 2:53

Ken Hewer :34
John :29

RESULTS! Good times & pancakes & vegan chili

So I pretty much just fell down after yesterday & slept & watched old Dick van Dyke episodes with my daughter.  I tried to count the money but was too mushy brained, I tried to sort the food stuffs but was too pooped, I tried to figure out the times but what a mess.  This morning though as we turn the corner back towards spring (through a long January & February mind you) everything seems a little easier.  Pretty sure Dick van Dyke helped too.
So - today Beatrix & I will be taking $206.13 to Loaves & Fishes down on Farquar St, along with a living room full of canned goods. Thanks to all the runners who donated so generously & Julie Goodman for collecting $60 through VIU - not bad for a small young race at Christmas time.
So what is messy about the times is the splits - I knew it would be - I knew that when a flock of runners (gaggle? murder? pride?) came in at once it would be tricky to keep track & it was.  I will work on that for next year - I suspect the key lies in volunteers....
What I do know is
That guy in the middle in the picture above - that's Mike Macey - he runs with the Cowichan Valley Athletic Assoc. and he was 1st in the marathon.  He ran it in 4:05.  I think he had an early start so he could run his marathon & then be done with it and finish his Xmas shopping!
The gentleman in the yellow running vest is James Griffin.  Watch out for him!  He seems mild mannered and polite but he was here last year & is a rebel rouser!  He invited all the C-Vacs & then went to be the 2nd place male finisher in the full @ 4:30.
The woman with the 442 bib is Susan Marshall and what is cool about Susan is she decided on the spot to upgrade to a 1/2 from a 12k.  I don't mean at the start, I mean mid race!  SO she did an unexpected 1/2, finishing it in 2:53.  Impressive.
The rest of the C-Vacs were crazy & loud & know they will not be asked back!!! Or they were actually a wonderful bunch of enthusiastic runners who made the event a lot of fun and have promised to come next year with a bigger group. Thanks C-Vacs!!
Ok - so here is my biggest confusion & cluster eff.  I think - & ladies if you read this & can correct me - please please do - but I think - that Tracy Marshall, VEGAN runner (& maniac) ran it in 4:18, & Jenny Taylor ran it in 4:24.  My confusion?  Well their numbers are consecutive - NO WAIT - & Tracy had an early start.  So they were not running together & would come in & have their bibs covered (no I am NOT blaming them) Ok - look it was my first time keeping times so I did the best I could & please correct me if you know otherwise!

Tracy shakes hands with James at finish line
Stacy Wallington - local boy who has been injured -  ran the 1/2 in 1:51. Well alrighty then.  Congrats to Stacy, who also won a gift certificate from Old City Organics - lucky!

The ginger lady laughing above was first in the 1/2 marathon women - Julie Goodman, who uncharacteristically stopped to chat between laps while her husband Brad Goodman ate chips.  She finished in 2:08.  Hooray Julie!  And thanks to you & Brad for all the gifties from Natural Edge Fitness & Nutrition.

All in all I would say it was a highly successful day - beautiful weather & really good pancakes....
Chief KP officer & head volunteer Alan Medcalf organizes the picnic area, finish line nosh up!  Yum!
Marathon Maniacs Sheila Dawe (co director Dawe) & Richard Stewart (race director of the Moose Marathon in Prince George in September) at the finish line
Thanks to all the volunteers (pictured above) (need to work on getting a few more) & all the runners!
See you all next year.  Hopefully on the day that is actually the shortest day - oh whatever.

(timed results to be posted soon)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


That is about all I can say right now as I am pooped!  It was a beautiful day, a beautiful course, a lot of great people - great food - & my living room is full of food waiting to go to the food bank tomorrow.  After I have had my scotch,  I will post what I laughing call the times & results, which may or may not be correct & are in no way precise - oh wait,  you weren't using this as a Boston Qualifier were you?
I will post pics etc asap - promise - hopefully tonight or tomorrow - but I should feed my kid more than just the yummy snacks @ the water station & try to get a handle on all the dishes - then...
thanks to all for making this a great year - it really was fun & the reason I do it - good people enjoying a nice run, giving to community, improving their health & vegan chili!  Ok - winter - we're ready - bring it!! (just teasing, we loved today just fine, you don't have to be all el nino-y or anything)
More later - again thanks & oh WAIT - I can not even begin to thank Alan Medcalf & Beatrix Gallagher - my crack team of volunteers -enough.  Without them, no pancakes or chili would have been served & the  water station would have been a pile of boxes instead of a lovely camp out - SO THANK YOU!!! Happy Solstice (even if it is technically tomorrow as some very kind passers by pointed out) - look I mean well, ok???

Happy Solstice!

The morning is here - still dark - supposed to be sunny & crisp - a good day for a run!  As of yesterday the course was dry.
I would like to take a second to say thanks to the folks who have helped so far

Angellos Glaros of Glaros Studios - wait til y'all see these medals!
Julie & Brad Goodman of Natural Edge Fitness & Nutrition
Anne Heyes & area manager Brian of the Running Room
the lovely ladies @ Old City Organics
Q energy drink for their donation
Alan Medcalf & Bea Gallagher of Little Blue House Inc

Have a great day today everyone! See you @ the lake!
Happy Solstice

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1 more sleep until the 3rd Annual Winter Solstice Marathon

Just a couple of reminders for all you runners
If you are doing an early start please come before 7:30 to fill out the registration form.
Also please bring a headlamp as the first lap will be dark
I will be set up in the first parking lot, by the washrooms - come to the registration table to sign in, pay & fill out forms & pick up your race packet
Bring something warm to wear after the race as it is chilly in December at the lake
Bring your $5 & nonperishable food for the local food bank

So see you all tomorrow morning! 
Happy Winter Solstice!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sorry, we're closed

PHEW!  Well thank you all for your interest but entry to the 3rd annual Westwood Lake Solstice Marathon is closed for this year!  Not sure what happened - should probably have you fill out a survey or something - but interest this year as been really high - AWESOME!!
So for the rest of you - see you Wednesday. If you have requested an early start - PLEASE bring your HEADLAMP  Otherwise -I will let you know the trail conditions before the race - I hope, if I get off my heinie & go run the loop that is!  See you the 21st with your $5 & canned goods, your hydration pack & some snacks if you want to share & some clothes to change into after coz it gets cold at the lake in December.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One day left to register

Feeling a bit overwhelmed but excited about the fact that there are 20 TWENTY people who wanna run the 1/2!  Wowsa Yowsa!  So do me a favor, aright?  Remember
1 -  bring your own hydration coz our aid station is stationary & 10 k from itself.
2 - it is $5 & some canned goods & if you feel like sharing snacks - well do it! All proceeds go to local food bank - I don't take them home & stock my cupboards.
3 - the 1/2 distance is really 22 km.
4 - this is a groomed trail, with some hills (one big ol one) & it is open to the public, so most likely DOGS will be involved.
5 - THIS IS NOT A BOSTON QUALIFIER - bwah ha ah ha ha - ok, no one thought it was but I cracked myself up & it's late & I'm tired so there.
6.1 k - a lap around lake - hill first
10 k - 1 out & back to 5 k tree, hill last way
22.2 k - 2 laps with hill first, 1 out & back to 5k tree
42.2 k - 2 laps with hill first, 3 out & backs to 5k tree.
see you @ 8:30 to register unless you made other arrangements - you know who you are (well, so does anyone else if they look @ the October posting) (oooh big secret)

One Week!!!!

Wowee - so much activity (I know it is all relative, but last year I had 2 1/2ers so..) Ok ok - dear Angellos Glaros @ Glaros Studios can not go on like this. When he volunteered to make medals it was because we thought we would have a few fullers & a few 1/2ers - SO THIS CRAZINESS has got to stop!!!  No wait, don't get me wrong, I am delighted to have so many new entrants come & run around beautiful Westwood Lake & celebrate the winter solstice with us - but I have to have a registration deadline of tomorrow - Friday, Dec. 15 - so Ang can spend the weekend slaving over a hot studio (it's sorta like Bikram medals) & then have done with it - coz if you scroll down to the Holy Facebook entry you will notice that not only is Mr. Glaros a maker of medals, he is also running the 1/2 (he is not the president of hair club for men - FYI) - So send me an email by tomorrow if you want to run this - please & thank you!
So also why I am here I should mention that besides the fabulous Running Room  & Glaros Studios ( the man is a machine), I have gift certificates from Natural Edge Fitness & Nutrition & Old City Organics .  Modest yes but still!  I can now say local businesses are supporting this event & you can win a prize!
Finally - if you have questions about the course or anything please scroll down to past posts but also email me - it's ok -  All to say - 1 week to go!!  Come run - come cheer - come with baking to share - come to chat - really, Westwood Lake is a beautiful place

Monday, December 12, 2011

less than 10 days!!!

Volunteers Still Needed!!!
Less than 10 days until the 3rd Annual Westwood Lake Solstice Marathon

In the midst of a registration mob SO PLEASE - if you do plan to run the 1/2 or the full let me know ASAP so we can plan accordingly.  We may be small but we still care & want you to have a pleasant running experience.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus!

Well December is upon us & so that means the Solstice approaches!! December 21 is coming up quick!  Hope your training has been going well & you are ready to rumble on the shortest day of 2011.  I ran the loop around the lake yesterday & am happy to report that the ground is softish from all the rain but not completely wrecked.  I will keep you posted as the date approaches.

 I have had some inquiries about an early start to the full and we are considering it, but I would like your input.  If you would prefer an early start please email me & let me know so I have an idea of the number - Angela -

I also would just like to take the opportunity to remind you that if you are planning to run this you need to let me know & you need to remember that this is a super low key event.  We have an aid station once every 10km (that's where the loop begins or ends or.. well, it meets up with the picnic table) Anyhoo - you should bring your own hydration pack - it can be filled @ the aid station but if you need more along the way, it is your responsibility.  We will have a few things to munch @ the aid station & there is a washroom too!
Also - this is a public park with an open trail so you will be sharing the trail with walkers & other runners & dogs & maybe even some bikers - just sayin'.  It is a groomed trail - stroller friendly with roots & rocks, but not completely flat & one pretty substantial incline that you do twice.
We will hopefully have a few gifties & there will be some super yummy chili & treats @ the finish & maybe I can scratch together a couple of sponsors - you never know
So there ya go - as the rocks in the lake say - peace, cherish...
looking forward to the 21st - see all you fullers & 1/2ers & anyone else - 
$5 suggested donation plus some canned goods - 9am start - 8:30 registration - oh brother - what AM I forgetting? Medals - oh yeah we got em!

This is the Coast Inn info - they are not a sponsor but a nice hotel - some one requested the info - if you need a place to stay.  There are also a lot of motels on the old island highway & a nice guesthouse right downtown -

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ang squared

had a facebook conversation with Angellos Glaros, owner of Glaros Studios,
the other day - here is an after the fact, loosely remembered summary

ng F(me): Hey Ang, I saw your medals for the beer mile, they looked great. Wanna make some for the Solstice Marathon? We can't pay you.
Ang G: Maybe. I wouldn't want to spend too long on it though.
Ang F: No, you could do something quick, with scraps, whatever, last year we had paper flowers, the year before I sewed little pillows, so it doesn't have to be fancy or anything. I just thought it would be kinda cool.
Ang G: I have an idea, I'll be right back. Ok, they're done, wanna see them...

Ok, time may be compressed a little but not much! Ang got all inspired & BADA BING! We have medals this year made by Angellos Glaros & they are REALLY COOL!! And I will not show them until I want to, which will probably be when you cross the finish line. Then after the finishers get their bling, I will post a pic. I think I will not even show co-director Dawe, who is running this year, so she will have a surprise.
But even more exciting is that we have for the first time - 1/2 finisher medals!! How cool is that!! So come on out - run a full 42.2 km - or our special 1/2 (22km) - enjoy some friendly support & vegan chilli & last year I made vegan power truffles - no, they are really good!
Also - I suppose it is time to start putting the word out there that any
are welcome!!
If you want to -
man the aid station for an hour
bring some baked goods or left over halloween candy
come & cheer
offer another running related service
why we would appreciate it greatly
just contact me!

Angela -
See you the 21st!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Walk a mile in another man's shoes

My last marathon, in May, ended up with me in hospital, electrolytes all akimbo and then I had 2 back to back contracts which required long hours & time away. So suffice to say I was not as trained as I would have liked to be for today's Moustache Marathon.
I was planning on running the 1/2 so I figured that even though I had not put in as much mileage as I had hoped I was gonna be ok. This, to me, was my triumphant return to running, in preparation for the Vancouver Full & hopefully, NYC in 2012.
Co-director Dawe & I hurried our way to the ferry, were met by the official brother & were welcomed in his home with tea & youtube vids. It was a nice relaxing pre-race evening. Then bed.
Then I went to put my chip on my shoes? my shoes & my bag of running gear??? MY RUNNING GEAR!!! NOOOOOOO. Yes. The nightmare came true. I had come across on the last ferry without my running togs. The race started the next morning before any ferries or stores & I knew no one. I had a meltdown, the end to a rushed afternoon came crashing down on me. No shoes. No socks. No pants. No toque. No bra. Nothing.
I got no sleep.
I dreamed of vampires & telling the Dawes of my idiocy.
But then..
when I actually did tell brother Dawe, he & his wife & co-director Dawe rallied & found me an entire outfit & shoes to run in.
So today I did run 13 miles in another (wo)man's shoes. They were a little small & my feet are a bit sore. But I feel only tired (knock wood), not injured, and so very very happy about the day & the race & the kindness of strangers & friends & the fact that running is not about winning or losing or time always, sometimes it is about doing it & remembering how lucky we are to be able to.

Please join our little bit of running goodness on December 21 (see how I did that?)
& call if you forgot anything - I live here & will probably be able to rustle up some gear.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct 28 2010
Holy Facebook Batman!

So anyhoo
Here I was blithely posting my pathetic marathon info page on facebook & sharing it with a few friends - then WHAMMO & so on & so on & so on..
SO - as near as I can figure (from my fancy figurin spot here in beautiful downtown Nanaimo)
we have 7 entrants!!! In, like, 1 day! CRAZY!! Well - keep on coming people - it can only get better....

Marathon Distance

1 Sheila Dawe - early start 7:30
2 Richard Stewart - early start 7:30
3 Tracy Marshall
4 Jenny Taylor
5 Brad Goodman
6 Mike James
7 James Griffin - early start 7:30
8 Mike Macey - early start 7:30

1/2 Marathon Distance
1 Jenna Goodman
2 Deirdre Glaros
3 Angellos Glaros
4 Annie Gibson
5 Darcie Nolan
6 Damian Allen
7 David Vanderlinde
8 Claire Sasso Sant
9 Joshua Seal
10 Tracy McKeown
11 Rachel Kimler
12 Jen Dowell
13 Stacy Wallington
14 Joe Schuckel
15 Britta Ballendine - early start 7:30
16 Kelly Schellenberg
17 Anne Heyes - early start 7:30
18 Julie Goodman
19 Quentin Proud
20 Gene Wray
21 Cheryl Davies
22 Lisa de Lusignan
23 Garth Fuller
24 Catherine Macey
25 Sheron Chrysler
26 Mylisa Edison

Oh I am getting excited about WEDNESDAY DEC 21 - the 3rd Annual Winter Solstice Marathon @ Westwood Lake - 9am start time (8:30 registration)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's September & we are getting ready to RUN!!

It is getting closer - the 3rd annual Winter solstice marathon which this yeat coincides, NOT with a weekend, but with THE PREDICTED END OF THE WORLD!!!!! (again)

Well, if this really is the real end of the world, what better way to spent it than running in circles around a beuatiful lake on a small island off the coast of B.C. CANADA??? Dare I say, Heaven?!

So start planning campers - for this low key, no bells & whistles event. Hope to see you there!

To enter just email me with your intended distance - full, half, 10k, 6k - it's all good to us. There will be vegan chili & cookies & chips & cocoa & maybe some other stuff too!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Thinking about fall...?

I know - the flowers are only just in bloom, there may still be snow on Mt. Benson, but it is time to think about what you are running this fall/ winter & we would like to say -

It is NOT on the weekend
It is NOT a big event
It is NOT a road race
It is NOT fancy

sound ideal?? Then make plans for December the 21st, 2011 - 9am for the

3rd Annual Winter Solstice Run

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Race Date!

This year's event was so successful we think we'll do it again!!

So -
Wednesday, December 21, 2011
- 9 a.m. start

details will be posted as the date approaches but it should be pretty much the same - although my daughter who will be 10 by then (pttt, pttt, pttt) would like a kids race aspect - SO we are considering this lofty addition. But until then - have a great 2011

(click to older posts to learn more about this event)